Kitsch Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays rolling in we all know that gift giving is right around the corner as well. We wanted to share some ideas as we we gear up for the Christmas season. Kitsch will be your guide to great gifts for any type of woman. Take a look:

The Kitsch towels matched up with the bean scrub is a perfect and useful gift for any type of woman. We all love to feel fresh and girly every morning!
Kitsch Towels and Bean Body Scrub

Tapestry's and fairy lights have become very trendy this past year. These two gifts can really uplight the vibe to a person that is a homebody! 
Urban Outfitters Tapestry

Dainty necklaces are chic and perfect for specifically a teenage girl! Kitsch necklace and earring sets come in 14k gold and/or sterling silver styled in a jewelry box that you can use as a nifty accessories box.
Kitsch Necklace and Earring set

This is the time of year everyone receives their smell good beauty products so make sure you are gifting some high quality products! Philosophy always has some of the best holiday bundles for healthy hair care and skin care.
Philosophy Holiday Collection

With the Marble Hair Collection these items will give your updo's a modern finish. From the metallic bobby pins to the marble bun pin these products are the go to accessories to make any hairstyle elegant, great for holiday parties!
Marble Hair Collection 

These polaroids are coming back into style from the 70s! With every click of the shutter this polaroid gives a vintage feel to your memories perfect for gifting young women!
OneStep 2 Camera

If you have thick hair or need a crease free hair tie Kitsch has the perfect gift for you! These hair coils come in multiple colors that are made to have a kink free experience to use everyday.
Kitsch Hair Coils

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