Best Hair Ties for Every Occasion

We all know that regular hair ties are boring and un-stylish. If you had a perfect hair tie for every occasion maybe those hair ties wouldn't be lost because of the unique styles! Browse below for our every occasion Kitsch hair tie guide:

1. Too much hair for a work day?

Sometimes your hair is just too much and gets in the way when you're working. Leave it up to Kitsch to solve all of those problems! These hair coils are kink free that will be healthy for your hair as you take out and re-style your hair throughout the day.

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2. A night out
For a classy night out something like this marble pony cuff will give your look a chic finish. The Kitsch marble pony cuff holds your hair up tight but is also a light weight so the pony doesn't end up giving sensitive scalps a headache.

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3. A styled bun, pony or headband

Indecisive on how you want to style your hair? This universal styling wrap is your answer.  No matter the look this wrap is perfect to tie up your hair in a bun or leave it all down in a headband.

4. Bracelet or hair tie?

Loosing traditional black hair ties can be easy because those hair ties cut off your circulation on your wrist so it's bound to get lost once you take out a pony or bun. These hair ties are styled in so many cute ways and can be used as bracelets as well! Choose Kitsch hair ties so you never find yourself without one.

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