Attire for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up, do you know what you're going to wear? Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where you want to look your best but also want to be comfortable. You know that photos are going to be taken with the family but you also might be planning to stuffing your face with food so you want to be as comfortable as possible! Take a look at these fashion bloggers for some ideas:


If you are looking for an outfit that is comfortable and easy, cardigans are always a great choice! These outfits are perfect if you're going to be cooking a Thanksgiving dinner and will be running around a bit. In both photos @jessi_asfshin is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt with fall colored cardigans giving her a festive finish!


On Thanksgiving if you find yourself at a family reunion or a "friendsgiving" for a few hours before your thanksgiving dinner, these outfits are perfect for you! Thigh high boots are a great touch to a sweater in skirt combo that will keep you warm yet stylish!


Whether you are cooking, eating or catching up with family and friends these loose dresses are great for thanksgiving! We all know cooking can be hectic and eating can make you feel uncomfortable in certain clothes but with these flowy dresses it will be easy to get around and feel cute at the end of the day!

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