How to: Crown Braid

Crown Braid Tutorial

Kitsch is happy to bring you a fun easy hairstyle for the fall season! This look is perfect if you want a unique look but do not want to spend too much time on a hairstyle.  We hope you enjoy our crown braid tutorial!

Crown Braid Directions:

1. Using a curling iron, to curl a few messy waves in your hair.  This will make your crown braid prettier as well as maintain some volume.  These waves should be curled mainly at the ends of your hair since your crown braid is going to circle around the top of your head. Make sure you give the front your hair a few curls to shape your face. 
2.  Shake out your curls or waves by pulling them apart with your fingers.

3.  Now start you braid on one side of your part. Start your braid off as a french braid but make sire to left a few curls in the front. As you braid away from your head turn the french braid into a regular braid. 
4. Once you finished your braid, tie it up in a clear ponytail and then wrap it around the bottom of your head to the front so it can create a crown. 
5.  Secure your crown braid with a few Kitsch Bobby Pins and lightly spray with hairspray. If your braid isn't long enough to reach around your whole head secure your braid as far as it can go with a Kitsch hair comb.

You now have the perfect crown braid with our Kitsch Favorites.  We love that you can achieve this pretty look in a matter of minutes.  Check our Kitsch crown braid products that will be gentle with your hair as you try out this cute new hairstyle!

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