Signs you Love Accessories as much as KITSCH does

August 31, 2017
1. You believe accessories go with everything!
Beyonce makes her date night out glamours with her multiple choker set. You know what they say, you can never have too many chokers!

2. Your jewelry is with you through everything.
All true jewelry enthusiast have had a piece of jewelry that stays on through everything..your late night sleep, washing your face and it may even been through the washer. We all do it, even Vanessa accessory does it!

3. You regret if you don't wear at least one accessory out of the house.
During your morning routine you dont feel complete without some type of accessory! Some days you want to load on all of the accessories and some days you just want to have something simple & cute like this head wrap from KITSCH. Either way it is a necessity. 

4. Multi purpose jewelry is your weakness. You think more is better!
With KITSCH's hair tie bracelets, more is always better. These little accessories can pull up your hair when you need it but also they can be very stylish and pull your whole outfit together.

5. You have more accessories than clothing.
If you find definitely raiding through your closet to find clothing to wear but never find yourself doing the same with your jewelry.. that is definitely a sign you are a KITSCH type of girl. 

6. You suddenly feel like a model when you buy a new piece of jewelry.
After purchasing a single piece of jewelry it is easy to start styling yourself like a model because that is how beautiful you feel. We all have a little bit of Alexis Ren in us. 

7. You were the stylish one out of all your friends.
You were the one that always found a way to accessorize even if it you at a late night slumber party, with a big hoodie on. You thought, all the more reason to accessorize! Follow Ariana Grande for this playful girly feel,


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