Hair Accessories to Complement Hologram Hair

Peep the hashtag #hologramhair on Instagram and treat your eyes to photos of colorful locks. Talented hair stylists all over the world are experimenting with unique, multi-colored hair creations, and each one is as unique as the individual who sports the style.

We've chosen a few of our favorite hologram hair creations and offer suggestions for the KITSCH hair accessories we think would best complete the look.

1. deathbycouture

Las Vegas-based hair stylist Samantha used almost every Pulp Riot color to create this rich hologram hair look on model Kristen. Long curls show off the beautiful and unique swirling ombre finish.

To complete this look, we'd suggest these vivid neoprene hair ties (made from the same material as wetsuits) or these understated mini metallic claw clips, which won't outshine the bold hair colors.

2. paulcallaghanhair

The hologram hair look even pops on shorter hair styles. Check out this creation by Paul Callaghan from Glasgow, Scotland. The colors painted on this lucky lady's bleached base are subtle yet memorable.

We think the ideal way to finish this look would be to add some Perfect Ponytail hair ties, available in blush pink and lavender shades. Or consider a silver-toned open shape claw clip, which won't cover any of the beautiful hair color but provide versatile options for updos.

3. rubydevine

Ruby Devine is a Virginia-based hair stylist who likes to push "the limits of what can be done with personal style." Her philosophy is on display with this lavender-driven hologram hair color. Pastel blues give the entire look lots of dimension.

What hair accessories would look best with a hair color creation that's both girly and edgy at the same time? Some Sea Vibe hair coils - which come in assorted shades of teal - are perfect for putting the locks into a pony. A sleek, silver-tone bar bun pin would complement the overall cool-as-ice vibe.

Which of these looks is your favorite? Would you consider the hologram look for your own hair? Comment below.

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  1. Hologram hair is beautiful as it is. I guess applying some curl defining serum from Tzikal will make it more shiny and glossy.


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