Quick Pro Hair Tips

May 27, 2013

A Quick Fix 

Nothing like a quick fix to get your week going! 

Have your locks been missing out on some va-va-voom lately? Why not plump it up with a few awesome tips.
1. Whatever your hair type, lather up with a clarifying shampoo weekly, then immediately replenish lost moisture and elasticity (the bounce-factor that's key to scoring swingy strands) with a thickening rinse-out conditioner. This will help get rid of any residue from using your regular hair routine, leaving you weightless and squeaky clean! 
2. Use a texturizing powder, skip the hairspray. The powder will give an extra lift and also grab any extra oil that may be laying around. 
3. Blow dry your hair with a blast of cool, this will leave strands big and beautiful! 

1. Find your hair's inner strength by packing your breakfast plate with protein (the lowest supply of amino-acid-rich blood flow is in the a.m.). Add some lovely omega-3's (Chia seeds anyone!?) and make sure you grab your protein. This will help your body build hair that is rich in keratin. Why pay for treatments when you can just have healthy locks??
2. Hair, Skin or Nail pills? Just opt for a multi-vitamin that will help you get the basics straight, this will help your hair grow more healthy, which will mean less breakage.
3. Stimulate growth naturally by simply massaging your scalp when you shampoo: The movement helps increase blood flow to hair follicles.

1.Don't use a professional hair dryer, you probably need one with about 1/2 the power. This will make it so that your hair doesn't get used to the intense heat, and is more easy to manage. Always make sure you prep your hair with a heat friendly treatment!
3. Take time once a week for TLC. For thick or course hair, use a moisturizing mask laced with mega-hydrators such as marula oil, as well as soy proteins and shea butter, or douse strands with a botanical oil, which acts as a Band-Aid, filling in gaps in the cuticle. For finer strands, a lighter, milkier treatment can be a gorgeous-hair game changer (think of it like an oil-free serum for skin).
4. The healthier your hair, the more smoothly the tiny scales that make up the cuticle lie, which increases light reflection. To get a shine boost stat, swap goopy glosses for a sheer mist.
5. Frayed ends beyond repair? GET IT TRIMMED! Every six weeks, just the splittys... your hair will be happier for it! 

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