Three Beauty Trends That Are Always Hot

Three Perfect Choices

Trying to figure out what to do today with your work makeup? Well here are three looks that are ALWAYS fashionably hot. Choosing the one thing you can't do wrong, now that's always a fantastic choice! These models came straight off of the 2013 runways!

Fresh Faced
The right amount of moisturizer, and a beautiful coverage of imperfections will leave you with a dewy, perfect glow. It's basically looking like you've got perfect skin, even when that may not be the case! Making sure that you're adequately hydrated, well exfoliated, and then using a good foundation will really go a long way! 

Rose Lips
If you're going to go for a bold day-time lip, always make sure that you keep the eyes understated. A bit of mascara will go a long way, and really make it so that you stay chic and not over the top. Every person has their shade of red, it's just a matter of finding it! 

Smokey Eyes
 Want to add a bit of drama to your daytime routine? Go for a smokey eye, and classic nude lip. This pairing will make even the most daring look more ladylike. Going out for dinner after work? Easy! Just make sure you use a blot powder to set your makeup and bring a fun gloss for the night out. Keep it nude for the day, and maybe throw in a soft peach for after hours. The options are endless! 

What is your favorite makeup pairing?? 

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