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April 05, 2013

Five Things He Notices Almost Instantly

Okay, it's official- here is REAL MAN PERSPECTIVE. How did I get this? By asking a lot of men, from the nice guys to the bad boys, here are the Five things they notice almost instantly when they meet a girl.

  1. SMILE- Yes, your face gets noticed before the rest of your body (generally speaking, because Men are still men, so make sure you're dressing so that you still leaving things to the imagination, if not it's an open invitation to stare). In that case, always make sure that your teeth are in top condition, guys aren't as picky as girls are when it comes to perfectly straight teeth, but they like them to still look pearly. 
  2. HAIR- Most guys I spoke to don't particularly care for top buns, tight pony tails or anything that's too perfect or tight. They prefer girls with their hair naturally. Let it be wavy, or straight or style it so that it has that great big curl look. A lot of the time it means less effort on your part, and makes so much more of an impact. 
  3. EYE MAKEUP- Sounds weird, yes I know.. eye makeup? But if a guy is noticing it, it's not a good thing. When was the last time a straight man told you that you did an amazing smokey eye? Unless he was a makeup artist, then it's probably because a lot of times guys just feel like we got into a fight with a crayola. Don't underestimate the power of good makeup and don't forget that a night out on a date sometimes means a different style than a night out with the girls. Women appreciate different things, I think that's pretty obvious already. 
  4. CONFIDENCE- When you exude happiness, personality and a little bit of sassy attitude you are so much more of a catch. No one wants to talk to the girl who isn't having fun on her own. Instead of waiting for someone to talk to you, start talking to other people. You don't have to be interested in them, and they can just be other women, but being able to hold your own at a party is definitely attractive. It also shows that you can be independent at social gatherings.
  5. PERSONAL STYLE- Who are you? What are you wearing? Why are you wearing it? Although this goes along with the idea of being confident, having a personal style is something guys like, without realizing it's what they are into. So many guys told me they like when a girl "is comfortable in what she's wearing, and not just trying to look like other girls" so make sure that your outfit is reflective of you! If you can pull that off, then you're warranting the respect of men and women everywhere!
Now you know what men notice... are you ready to grab a date? Or are you going to be searching for a new one at Coachella!? 

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