Healthy Post-Coachella Detox

Back To Reality

Dehydrated? Sleep Deprived? Every bone in your body is aching? Well, it's time to get some rest and re-hydrate!

Check out this fantastic watermelon infused water, which is the perfect way to get your water intake back on track! 

Watermelon is a fantastic power fruit! It helps your body flush out toxins, and focuses on the liver. It helps the kidneys and liver rid themselves of excess ammonia, which can start to take a toll on your energy levels. Let's not forget that it's delicious and perfect to get us all prepped for Summer which is right around the corner!

Mint helps relax stomach muscles, and can help ease indigestion, bloat and upset stomach. It also adds a refreshing crisp taste to your drink!

Just add watermelon (rinds and all) and 10 leaves of mint to a pitcher of water, let it seep overnight and then enjoy!

What are your tricks to help you recover from a massive weekend??

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