Coachella Countdown

April 10, 2013

The Last List of Necessities 

Before you load up with your friends, and have one of the most amazing three day sessions of your life, be sure to make sure you are prepared!

1) A safe place to keep your belongings is always a smart start. Even though everyone is coming to have a great time, sometimes fun can be spoiled when things are lost or stolen! Make sure that you have a list of contacts written down and kept separate from your mobile phone. If you loose it, or it runs out of batteries, you'll still be able to contact your crew. Also, make sure that you keep your money and ID in a prime position. 
2) Hydrate! Being surrounded by thousands of your "closest" friends, hydration isn't always a priority. Make sure that you start drinking lots of water NOW so that if you are neglecting your body the next couple days, it won't be too terrible. We definitely recommend drinking the right amount of water, but sometimes you forget when you're seeing The Postal Service and completely fan-girling.
3) Make A Plan! It may seem elementary (like literally, school kid, third grade) but make sure that you've got a plan incase you split up with your friends. No one wants to be left alone in a massive music festival, and you can't always guarantee that you will have cell service or battery life. Be smart, it takes 30 seconds to plan it out and you may not need it- but if the event happens and you do, you'll totally regret it. 
4) PRIORITIZE! Too many good acts in such a short amount of time, make sure that you see the people that you will regret not seeing. I always like to think of it it as How often do they play? Have I seen them before? Are they on my must-see-before-I-die list? Don't miss out on the person you've waited forever to see just because you didn't check the set lists!
5) Hygiene Although we're sure that you will smell pretty all the time, it doesn't hurt to pack a spare deodorant for the person who may have forgotten it. This will make for a much more pleasant experience for everyone.

Have fun! Be Safe! And don't forget your Kitsch!

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