The Most Powerful Women In Fashion

March 14, 2013

In Honor Of National Women's Month

Since we're only half way through March, why not celebrate the most powerful women in Fashion? 

Miuccia Prada

The last name says it all, or does it? Miuccia has a Ph. D. in Political Science, and with the help of her husband has turned the once luggage only family business into a multi-million dollar style house. 

She helped transform the Prada name into a household icon and sought after by many world wide. By the way, she still lives in the same apartment she grew up in as a child, how's that for humble?

Anna Wintour

Kanye raps about her, books are written in her likeliness and absolutely everyone respects her fashion advice. The timeless bob and oversized glasses are reflective of her signature look, and definitive style. 

As editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna can be seen at every notable fashion show, after hours event and is helping forecast what you want to buy even before you know about it. 

Although she's claimed to be quite the ice queen, she has changed the face of Vogue while still maintaining it's prestige. She's made fashion available to the masses by making the magazine not only feature the latest trends, but also how it can be utilized in lower price pointed ready to wear. 

----Next week will will feature more! We are just getting started! 

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