Which Makeup Brushes Should I Use?

A Guide To Cosmetic Brushes

With so many options, and so many products it's tough to really know what you're supposed to have in your handy kit. Now before you go out and splurge, here are a couple of tips to make sure that your brush kit is top notch! 

Synthetic OR Natural
A lot of people are stuck with the idea that in order for Brushes to be better, they have to be natural. Now although that used to be true, because certain hair types have certain makeup benefits. Badger hair, for example, is really good with controlling eyeshadow pigments. However, with advances in technology the synthetic brushes are manufactured to be just as great, if not better than their natural counterparts. Leave the bunnies alone and opt for the cruelty free options!

Makeup Bag Essentials

The Foundation Brush
This round, soft bristled brush allows your liquid or cream foundations to easily blend. Say good-bye to streaks, fine lines, and uneven skin when you buff this in a circular motion across your face. It's much better than a sponge because it won't hold the same amount of bacteria and it won't cake up around imperfections! (Not that anyone has any!) 

The Concealer Brush
Don't use your fingers! The trick to making sure that you've got your under eye area and any blemishes covered is to make sure that you're applying with the right color AND that you've got the right brush. A great trick to open up the eyes is apply concealer right under your brow and across the brown bone! It will lighten and brighten the eye area without leaving shimmer or unnatural color. 

The Brow Brush
Now this little beauty might seem insignificant, but it packs a lot of punch! Neat brows and clump free lashes can take your every day look from day at the office to night on the runway. It's the little details that really make a difference. Even if you don't fill in your brows, making sure their maintained will make a huge difference. Brows help frame the face so make sure that they are taken care of!

Now that you've seen my three splurge worthy brushes, what are yours? 

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