Amazing Celebrity Style Tips

5 Celebrity Tricks To Looking Instantly Chic

Always Add A Blazer
Mens inspired suiting can really add tailored chic to your favorite outfits. Whether you're rocking leggings and a white t like Kim Kardashian or something a bit more frisky like our other leading fashion ladies, pairing a blazer is always an excellent choice.
Pro tip: Go for something with crisp edges, interesting color, or a varied length. Just because it's classy doesn't mean it has to be TOO classic. Don't ever forget to add personal style!

Fake an All Natural Look 
Although it would be wonderful to look fresh faced and perfectly contoured every day, that's not a very realistic expectation. However, with placing the appropriate spots of concealer, a great tinted moisturizer, and a subtle bronzer, you can mimic that healthy and flawless glow. 
Pro Tip: If you're feeling a bit tired and have some extra darkness under the eyes, don't over-do it with concealer, it will just look caked on. Instead opt for something that has light reflecting pigments in it to help even out the dark circles. Mascara also is a must, it will open your eyes and make you seem more alert!

When In Doubt, Wear Nude
Nude shoes should always be a wardrobe staple. If you're wearing a bold colored outfit, or can't simply figure out which colors go with your wardrobe- ALWAYS GO NUDE! Not only will you most definitely be chic and fashion forward, your legs will instantly look longer! Viola!
Pro Tip: Even though we all love peep toes, avoid a nude peep toe. It takes away some of the overall polished look of the outfit. 

Always Make Wise Choices In Love 
If your mom doesn't like him, your best friend doesn't like him, and even you question it sometimes- it might be time to move on. Make sure that the person you are with respects you, is honest to you, is supportive of you and makes you want to be an even better person than yourself! It's called a better half for a reason. 
Pro Tip: We don't have one. Just make wise choices!

Treat Your Body Like A Temple
Eat clean, work out and be happy. It's not about a quick fix, it's a lifestyle!

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