Shoes For Spring

Are they in? Or are they out? 

Seasons change, trends change and hey, maybe even YOU have changed. Although we're not quite ready to pack up the cold weather clothes, it's time to start talking about something new! After all, in the fashion world we tend to go from fall to RESORT to spring and summer. Poor winter always gets left out. I think it's only because winter is just fall with thicker layers and a little glitter (to be festive of course!). 

Heel (less) Heels

Lady Gaga has been busy touring and traveling the world, and not making too many fashion headlines. So can these crazy heels be finally laid to rest? 

I personally have never understood them, a bit to obscure for me. They look great on the runway, but then attempting to watch your friend dance in them on Saturday night is painful, for both parties. 

I think these can be boxed up, donated, left behind or possibly used as a weapon later down the road, but they are definitely not going to be a big trend for spring.

Updated Oxford 

Who doesn't love a good oxford!? Spring is a great time to pair gorgeous oxfords (I love these ones from Jeffery Campbell) with a pair of jeans or even transition to a nice dress when the weather warms enough! They look great with high socks, no socks or on their own and will definitely add a touch of class to your wardrobe?

Tip: Search for ones other than just black. Look for texture, print or even an awesome color! I would absolutely LOVE a color blocked pair of oxfords... time to start searching! (Just as a tip, color blocking is here to stay!...for now.) 

Point Your Peep Toes Out The Door

I'm a die hard peep toe fan, if I could, I would only own peep toes. I'm weird and feel that my toes need to "breathe" or feel constrained in traditional heels. However, that idea just has to go because this spring is definitely going to be about the pointed toe shoe!

From your basic pointed pump, to something a bit more sassy like the these strappy sandals make sure that you go for it! 

Tip: If you wear these with a skirt, they will make your legs look shorter because of the ankle strap. Pair with some jeans and voila! The point will totally work to your advantage to make those pins look loooong. 

Although I could list many beauties, what do you feel is going to be big for spring? What do you feel needs to go!?

Here is a touchy one.... SNEAKER HEELS! Now really... before I give my opinion, what do you think? 

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