How To: Fishtail Braid

Quick Style Tips

Oh fishtail braid, you daunting little braid, you. Time to be handled!

 Before we even start here are a few tips: 
  • If you've got layers, it's very difficult to get a flawless fishtail braid, don't aim for perfection, just keep it fun and funky. 
  • Thick hair won't make as delicate of a braid unless it's long (Mine is above my bra strap, but very thick so you can only get so detailed).
  • Make sure that you've got spray, a rubber band or clear hair tie (This will get cut away at the end, so don't use a Kitsch one!) and if you'd like a brush handy.
  • Brush through hair if you want a more structured style, or leave it natural (like mine) if you want to keep it wild. 
  • Grab your two favorite hair ties! I went with the Wild Roses collection.
  1. Use a disposable hair tie to secure your hair at the base of your neck. You can either do it in the middle, higher, lower, of to one side- the options are endless. You can even to fishtail pig tails, this just makes it much more simple.
  2. Separate hair into two big sections.
  3. Take a small piece (The finer the piece, the more refined your braid will be, the larger, the messier) from section 1 and pull it over to section 2. 
  4. Take a small piece from section 2 and pull it into section 1. TIP: Once you braid it over, don't worry about holding onto it, just let it blend in with that half o the hair. 
  5. Alternate until you get to the end. If you've got layers, they might be sticking out. You can either start again with wet hair, or just embrace this. 
  6. Tie at the end with TWO of your favorite hair ties. Honestly, is one EVER enough?
  7. With a small set of scissors CAREFULLY cut the rubber band that you've placed at top of your braid. Use your hands to gently tousle and rearrange the crown. If you like you can even use hairspray to texturize the top layers to make it more funky.
  8. Enjoy your day and your lovely fishtail braid! 

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