How be a jetsetter!

Kitsch in my Carry-on! 

Have you ever wondered how business people travel so easily and never check bags? Well here are some helpful hints to get you through your next trip! This is done off of my instagram account of course! Packing a DSLR is so impractical! 

Only Pack What You Need
Plan ahead! I have my airport outfit (a comfortable skater style dress with nude flats), my night out outfit (skinny jeans, peep-toed black wedges, a funky blazer and black cami), my sleep outfit (shorts and a tshirt) and my travel home outfit (leggings, sweater and oversized tee, perfect for a 6am flight back home, which also matches my nude flats). I also coordinated my Kitsch items, I'll be wearing the Peace of My Heart rings and the R.I.P. (really interesting person necklace, earring set). Mixed metals go perfectly with the colors I'm going to be wearing!

Save The Packaging!

My earrings won't get lost, my necklace won't get tangled and my rings are tucked safely away. The Kitsch team spends a lot of time designing these lovely packages, and they are so practical! You don't need more jewelry, and it's a pain if you attempt to wear it on the flight, so stow it in your carry-on and wear it later!

Do Your Hair!
To avoid having to pack extra styling products, do your hair before you go, and make sure it's "First day" hair, if you need to put it up, your favorite hair ties won't leave a crease so make sure you stock up.

Keep Travel Sizes
You know those free samples you get from Sephora or many other cosmetics outlets? Keep them! I have my dr murad face wash, and I wet a few cotton pads with my toner before putting them in a mini ziplock bag. So space efficient. 

Always Plan With Liquids
Remember to check the international and national flight standards for carrying liquids, gels or aerosols on flights. You never want your favorite perfume to be left behind because you forgot to read the rules. Better safe than sorry in my opinion! 

Pack As You Apply
Before you head out, do your makeup and put each item into a ziplock bag so it's all in one spot. This ensures you don't miss out on any absolute necessities!

Do you have any tips that you would like to share from your jet-setting experiences? 

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