Best Valentines Day Gifts

Is it that time of year already!?

Roses are red, 
Violets are blue, 
Kitsch makes the best gift, 
Even if it's just for you

It's official. T-minus one month until one of the biggest gifting dates of the year, second only to Christmas. It's Valentines Day! Whether you're a fan and can't wait to cuddle up with your  special someone or you are going to be spending your evening with your girlfriends cursing the thought of being in a relationship, one thing's for certain; everyone should stack, layer and collect!

Now I know you're totally in love with us, so feel free to forward this along to someone *hint, hint* if you buy it now, you will still get it in just in time! Now remember, chocolates are overrated, flowers will die and I'm almost certain no one likes conversation hearts- but KITSCH!? Now that's a sure way to show some L-O-V-E.