What To Do With The Present You Didn't Want

Cheeky ways to Re-gift

Okay, let's be honest... everyone has received something that they didn't want this holiday. That doesn't mean that you don't appreciate it, but it may just be that you don't need that second waffle maker or awkward Christmas scarf. Here, I will teach you the art of re-gifting. It's not tacky- it's sensible! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, people! And although Kitsch hair ties definitely will never end up in this category, you may have something(s) that qualify. 

  1. Sort it out While you're putting away all of the new lovelies you unwrapped, make sure to take note of everything that you don't need- no one likes a pack rat! Things can generally be sorted into a couple different categories, KEEP, donate, regift and store. Rarely should anything ever be just thrown out!
  2. KEEP The useful things, the items that you asked for and even the ones that were great little surprises. Make sure that you've got a home for them. 
  3. Donate The items that have been lightly loved, but you are okay with discarding. If it wasn't for fashionable people as yourself, second-hand store shopping wouldn't be so much fun. Think of it as accruing good karma from the vintage Gods. If you aren't in love with it, someone else probably will be OR you might be providing someone less fortunate with something necessary (like a warm jacket for the fall!) You can directly drop off donations at the Goodwill, Salvation Army or most local second hand stores, and if you want it will even qualify for a tax write off (they can give you a receipt). We've only got a couple days left of the year- make those tax dollars count!)
  4. Re-gift Now this is the tough one, make sure that you do this carefully because if not you can end up getting introuble! Find a box left over from Christmas (usually shoe/bootboxes are great tricks) and make sure to store all of your unopened, unused, or unworn items that you think others will like. Did you get a scarf in mustard yellow, and you totally can't pull off that color? Did someone manage to get you pricy lotion in a scent that you're allergic to? Have you now accumulated 32 different types of pink lip gloss? Those are all reasons to give them to a happy home! Make sure that you mark with a post-it who you received it from. Nothing is more awkward than giving someone back a gift that you've been given. Now, next time you're in a pinch you can have the perfect gift just waiting!
  5. Store Family heirlooms? Beautiful handbags you just can't part with? Anything that you can't get rid of but can't exactly find room for can always be stored. This is a great way to make sure that your beloved items aren't causing clutter, and are safely perched away. 
Organization and Re-gifting are great ways to make sure that you'e got a less-stressed and clutter free New Year! You without a doubt will continue shopping, and so you need room for the new treasures. Also, next time you get invited to your friend's cousins girlfriend's birthday party, you will be prepared!

What steps are you taking to transition from Christmas craze to New Year zen!?

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