New Years Resolutions

December 31, 2012

Realistic Goals for 2013

Everyone starts making their resolutions now- some are choosing to set unrealistic goals, others are simply making the resolution to not have a resolution. Tricky stuff, right?

Here are some ground rules for making and keeping your New Years resolutions! 

  1. Prioritize Figure out what matters most. Are you saving for a vacation? Do you have a fitness goal you would like to achieve? Are you trying to make the Deans list? What exactly do you want the MOST in 2013, it's great to have multiple goals but It's important to know what you want the most, so you can focus more energy into that area. 
  2. Set Deadlines Honestly, a year is a long time to accomplish something. A lot can change, and amazing things can be done- so make sure that you get the most of it! 
    • For example, if you are saving for a vacation, how much money are you setting aside each pay check? At what point must you purchase your plane ticket? When do you have to have hotel booked and paid? These are all things to consider. 
    • If you are striving for fitness goals, are you trying to increase strength? Loose body fat? Increase endurance? Maybe you want to become a runner, in the year, when are you going to complete your first 5k, 10k and Marathon? Having clear goals can be SO helpful.
  3. Get Support! Friends, family and significant others can be the best support when trying to reach your goals. There is no point in going on a holiday alone and having a running buddy is so much more motivational! Even if they aren't on-track with your goals, having someone to check in with you is fantastic. I wouldn't be able to get my husband to go to the gym if I tried (he is lucky enough to still have a great stomach even after eating a dozen donuts) but he is wonderfully supportive and does ask how far along I am with my goals. 
  4. Organize! Any goal that you set, isn't something that you can just go out and achieve. Make a list, and create a timeline so that you understand what steps need to be completed in order for you to reach your ultimate goal. Each time you check something off of that list, you should feel WONDERFUL about yourself because even though you aren't there yet you have definitely made progress from where you were before.
Have a wonderful, and SAFE New Years Eve!!

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