How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter

Winter Regime 

Moisturizing Tips: Face
In the winter, you need to add products to your skin-care regime to protect yourself from the harsh elements; if you're using a normal, lightweight moisturizer, bump it up to a more moisturizing one. Look for something with Glycerin and vitamin E to help lock in moisture, and with aloe to help calm and soothe. The ingredients will help stimulate circulation and also remove toxins from the skin.
Start using a serum to complement your daily moisturizer. When the winter weather changes, you need to start layering your face like you would your close. Serum, moisturizer, makeup. Those essential layers will help protect your face from extreme conditions. 
Even if you aren't sweating because of the heat, make sure that you are staying hydrated. Avoid caffeine (which can be hard because of all the toasty drinks!), drink lots of water, and make sure that you are keeping your diet low sodium but high hydration! Fruits and veggies will provide the wonderful water levels and antioxidants your skin is craving. 
Moisturizing Tips: Body
Avoid the steamy hot showers! While you might think it's hydrating, water topically can have a drying effect on your epidermis. In fact, the more water that hits your skin, the more it breaks down the complex layer of naturally occurring lipids between and on top of your skin cells. Overbathing or overshowering will make dry skin even drier, so make sure that the temperatures aren't too hot, or for too long and moisturize immediately afterward. 
To reap the most benefits from your body lotion, blot skin with a towel—don't dry completely—so that humectants in your moisturizer can draw water on skin's surface into the lower layers.
Exfoliating: Face and Body
Depending on how oily or dry your face is, exfoliate one to three times a week, at the end of your shower when your pores have been steamed open. But never exfoliate more than three times a week or else you might wind up breaking down your skin's natural barrier function and make your dry, flaky skin worse. Another don't: scrubs that contain abrasive grains. You want granules that are manmade, perfectly round spheres because they won't rip or break the skin like a ground seed will, for example! So yes, all of you apricot scrub lovers, throw that away- those massive sand and walnut granules are tearing your skin! 
Try to exfoliate your body about three times a week, but avoid loofahs- they are breeding grounds for bacteria! 

Here is to a BEAUTIFUL winter! 

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