How To: Sock Bun

A Guide To The Classic Sock Bun

Always wonder how Kim K and all of the other starlets manage to get those great high buns!? They never manage to have a flimsy, awkward one- which is pretty simple for the average girl to do without much effort. No, they weren't born with an absurd amount of hair- well most of them anyway! They have help from a simple sock! Now before spending money on something, just check out this tutorial that will take a ragged wardrobe piece and change it to your favorite up-do accessory. 

  1. Start with second day hair, this works best because your natural oils will help everything stay in place.
  2. Create a pony tail with your favorite Kitsch hair tie. Now it can be a low ponytail, mid-range or even high and dramatic. Choose what works best for you. I went for a higher option. 
  3. Take an old sock, cut off the toe and roll it into a doughnut shape.
  4. Use that sock and place it over your ponytail, so that it rests on top of your Kitsch hair tie. 
  5. Grab another Kitsch hair tie and secure over hair that's been placed around the sock bun.
  6. Use a hand held mirror to adjust the pieces so that you don't have straggly bits. Feel free to use additional hair ties, or bobbi pins in order to secure loose hairs. 
  7. Make the bun your own! It can be messy, neat or a little bit in between. I chose to go a bit more on the messy side, because I see the beauty in imperfections. 

Are you going to do a high bun this holiday? How are you going to make it your own!? 

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