Best Holiday Hairstyles

December 07, 2012

Great Hair For The Holidays 

Holiday hair can sometimes be a little bit of a struggle. Not only do you know there will be photos, you also sometimes have to battle with weather extremes. Whether you're going to be in snow, rain or sun- we have three great classy options for holiday hair! 

 Big waves with a deep part are excellent for the colder weather. If you are going to be in a drier climate, go ahead and curl two inch sections of your hair with a larger curling iron (1 1/4 inch is my go-to). Lightly mist with your favorite spray, and then brush it out before you head out the door. This will give you the big, sexy waves like Amanda Seyfried. 

Looking to see a bit of the wetter weather this holiday? Go for the classy high bun. This works great with chunky sweaters or turtle necks because it keeps your hair off of your shoulders and creates an open look. This works best on 2nd day hair because you'll have less fly aways. Make sure you secure it with a glitter hair tie, that way if it gets exposed you'll get even more compliments from this chic style. 

Messy ponytails are great for someone who is going to be hosting a holiday gathering. Still completely formal and sophisticated, but all out of the way. Let your hair air dry before teasing the crown and spraying or pinning any short layers back and away from the face. Once you've secured it with your favorite hair tie, take the pony tail sections and wrap it around a curling iron (a 3/4 inch would be perfect!) so that you can give it just that 
bit of extra wave. 

What are you planning on doing with your hair this holiday!? 

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