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Merry Kitschmas  Christmas 

With less than a month away until Christmas, we've decided to start displaying ALL of our favorite gifts. From things we'd love to receive, to things we're planning on giving it's about time to get ready for PRESENTS! 

First of all, it only makes sense to start with our favorite thing to give and receive, KITSCH! 

The "I AM" collection is a huge staple for me. Whether it's the headbands during yoga or the hair ties throughout the day. I am obsessed with this collection! It's very reflective of the person wearing it, because I AM greatful, peace love, happiness and beautiful! I generally love to mix them with the other Kitsch collections, but I couldn't imagine my wrist without them! 

One of the greatest things to happen in 2012 was the Charm Collection  it's incredibly chic, and the perfect simple statement piece. It makes it super simple to be able to mix metals between gold, rose gold, and silver! Beauty!

Now there are many other things that you can decorate your wrist with other than Kitsch hair ties, but I prefer to mix and match. When I saw this evil eye  bracelet I knew it was going to be at the top of my Christmas list. 

I'm sure everyone knows how obsessed I am with the golden goddess collection, since I seem to use it in EVERY style guide. No it's not a lack of originality- it's the fact that it really IS the perfect collection. I probably get more wear out of these than anything else, SUCH a beautiful group and perfect for fall.

What are you asking for this Kitschmas!?  

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  1. Ciao, mi piacciono tanto gli anelli e i bracciali...sicuramente il pensiero lo faccio!!
    Quando vuoi vieni a trovarmi su, ho parlato anche di te.
    By Cristina (#aldcri72)


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