Must-Have Stocking Stuffers

Some Stocking Stuffer Favorites for 2012

Even more than actual Christmas presents I LOVE stocking stuffers. This is probably for a couple of reasons, but one I love getting a bunch of small things and making a big impact! Usually a lot more creativity can go into getting a stocking together for someone, and you can really make sure that it is tailored to their personality. I have browsed the internet for just a couple of my favorite ideas for stocking stuffers. I have too many to count, but we've still got a little of time before Christmas actually arrives!

  • Kitsch Hair Ties We've got a great collection of Holiday colors in cute little trios. These babies are perfect for EVERYONE whether they are apart of a small package or topping a large one. Although these colors are perfect for the season, they can still be worn separately throughout the year. I mean we ALL need a gold, black and white glitter hair tie? Right?!
  • Witty Tshirts There is no doubt that Gangnam Style is our generation's Macarena. I think that the "Keep Calm and Gangnam Style" would make the perfect sleep or workout shirt. I probably take myself too seriously to actually wear it in public, but I have nothing against being cheesy and cozy in the comfort of my own home. What better way to inspire a giggle when the presents are being opened??
  • Sugar Plum Fairy Set Philosophy has always made the greatest little gift packages, not just around the holidays. I love the idea of this Sugar Plum Fairy gift set. It comes with a bubble bath and lip gloss (and have you ever tried their lipglosses?! AMAZING!) plus at being only twelve dollars, it's a cute package that will go a long way. 
  • BKR Bottle A water bottle!? Say whaaat!? Yes, seriously- a water bottle. Have you got a fitness fanatic in your life? They would adore one of these water bottles. They are completely healthy and made out of glass with a gorgeous silicone sleeve to protect from any drops that may occur. Plus all the celebrities have them. Don't you know someone wanting to sport the same workout gear as Miley Cyrus. No? Okay, well still I love this bottle! It's good for your body and the earth! 
  • Kitsch Earrings We recently started offering our lovely earrings in sets, and this is my favorite. You've got a heart, a star and a moon. The perfect charms for anyone. These fit nicely into a Christmas card too! I bet they would be "like a dream" come true for someone on your list. 
  • Band Aids Practical and completely epic. Urban Outfitters has the greatest collection of first aid I've ever seen. "What happened to you!?", "Oh no big, Yetti attack is all." Now that's one way to start a conversation!
What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers? Anything that you are really hoping santa decides to drop off this year!? 

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