How to: Tightline Your Eyes

November 10, 2012

Beauty Tips & Tricks

Tightlining? What is that!?

Well until I figured out how to do it, I didn't actually realize that there was a term for it. However, it's technically called tightlining and it's a great way to make your eyes seem much bigger and sultry without looking like you've done a whole lot. 

photo credit: Beautylish

  1. Lift your lashes upward so that you are able to see the line-able edge on the top lashes. It's basically the same place as the "water line" that you've got on the lower lid. 
  2. Starting at the inner corner, dab the liner and work it in between the spaces of the lash line. The more the merrier, and it will start to blend as it warms on your skin. Once you've reached the outer corner, you're done. Congratulations, you've officially tightlined your eyes!
  3. Want to be really bold!? Do the bottom line and make sure you glam it up with mascara!

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