How to kick the coffee habit

November 12, 2012

Great Coffee Alternatives

As the seasons begin to change I almost immediately run for my sweater and cup of coffee. Even if I don't need the caffeine, I still love the rich taste and warm temperature. Here are some GREAT alternatives so that you can kick the addiction and stay more health aware!

Green Tea This antioxidant rich drink contains unfermented tea leaves, packed full of health benefits. Although caffeine is generally known as something that is dehydrating, Green Tea, which has just under the same amount of caffeine as coffee is a stimulant without the crash. Some recommend drinking up to six cups of this wonder tea daily, in order to receive it's full benefits. This is a great mild metabolism stimulant, and when purchased in organic form can be used as a part of a mini detox! Also, some scientists even believe that it's such a strong antioxidant that it can lower the risk of cancer. 

Wheatgrass Juice When your body starts to digest this lovely power shot, you begin to get the same amount of energy as a sugary, deathly energy drink- without the risk! Wheatgrass juice has high amounts of chlorophyll which helps pull toxins out of the body. Just one little shot, which is best served with a side of orange, is equivalent to consuming two and a half pounds of leafy greens! (In terms of benefits, not calories!)

Chai Tea Now before you continue reading, I don't mean the milk mixed, syrup flavored chai tea that you get at your local mass coffee shop. I'm talking loose leaf, middle eastern chai. The mixture of cinnamon, cloves and other wonderful black teas has a mild amount of caffeine for a quick pick up. However, the cinnamon, one of the best things for circulation, suppressed appetite and blood sugar control, will still give you the feeling of a naughty fall delight. If you are really keen, try mixing some vanilla unsweetened almond milk with the tea and a pinch of honey or stevia. Delish!
Pomegranate Juice Tis the season! These big bad boys are finally ready to be picked and consume. Although a pom is a lot of work, I absolutely love pomegranate. From juices, to baking, adding it on salads and just eating it plain. This tangy delight is one of my favorite seasonal flavors. Pomegranate is considered the wonder fruit, full of antioxidants, proven to lower bad cholesterol levels and ready to fight free radicals. 

Now even though it's Monday morning, put down that coffee and do something GOOD for your body!

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