How to: Budget for Christmas, Last Minute

Get the Most out of your Christmas Money

Goodbye Halloween, hello thanksgiving and HELLO CHRISTMAS. It's inevitable isn't it? Every year we say "I'm not going to last minute Christmas shop, and I am going to save early!" and now I've seen so many people tag themselves at shopping centers with the caption, "just finished half my shopping!". Wow Where did the year ago!? With a little over two months it's important to make sure that you start getting set for Christmas. Be prepared to get a ton of great ideas coming through our blog the next few months that are time efficient, fun and oh-so cute! 

Even if you think it's a bit early, now is the time to really get going on making sure that you don't miss anyone on your gift list. Here are a few tips so that you get the most out of your Christmas budget!

  • Make a list, check it twice and DIVIDE by three There are three (well really four) categories that people go into at Christmas time. 1) MUST buy gifts (the close family and best friends) 2) MUST give small gifts (this category is great, because it's for the people who you want to give something to, but can't splurge on- they fall into the cute handmade category, we've got GREAT ideas on how to make sure that you give them something memorable!) 3) MUST give cards (probably the longest list of people, just make sure that you can grab a couple stamps and get crafty!) 4) MUST.. do nothing (easy!)
  • Transfer away! We've got about 7 weeks to really save if you are down for the last minute antics of week before Christmas shopping. Figure out a budget, divide it by seven and then put a little into a savings account every week. If you do this you won't be as hard-pressed to rack up Christmas debt. 
  • Get CREATIVE! Think of great things you can make (and we will provide lots of those ideas in the upcoming weeks) and also look at online shops like Etsy. Oftentimes you can find an amazing thing for relatively cheap- but it will fit their personality perfectly!

Hopefully those three tips will help you get some great ideas in mind! Stay tuned for lots of ways to make sure that you are the ultimate gift giver this holiday season! 

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