Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A Special Thank You :)

We've all got so many things to be grateful for! I love the fact that we have an honored tradition of giving thanks, but it should really be something that is done ALL YEAR LONG! Even when things feel like they aren't going great, if you're able to read this- you've got something to be thankful for! Whether it's a home, family, food, education, health or opportunity, we should all be sure to count our blessings. 

I am thankful for the WONDERFUL Kitsch family, my amazing friends, my lovely family all over the world, my spectacular husband and the fantastic life I am able to live. I am grateful for each and every day, opportunity and moment that I have been given. I know I do not show appreciation often enough, but life is GOOD! 

I am also grateful for you- our wonderful Kitsch readers, fans and followers. You are a wonderful group of souls who support the Kitsch family! We truly are the luckiest!

Now make sure you count your blessings and have a massive slice of pumpkin pie! 

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