Get the Most out of your blowout

Save time & do less damage!

We all enjoy a freshly washed blowout, but who has time to style their hair from scratch every day? Even after you splurge on a visit to the salon, your tresses can become limp or frizzy by the next morning! Fortunately, extending the life of your sleek style is a cinch if you know a few professional tricks.
A long-lasting blowout starts with a good base. If you have fine locks, make sure that you've got a great moose that will boost the roots. Thick, coarse, and curly hair already has volume, so run a smoothing cream or balm from roots to ends to help relax strands. Start with two inch sections and aim the heat down so that you can start to smooth the cuticles.
Don't forget to set your mane with a blast of cool air. Mist tresses with a flexible finishing hairspray to set your style. The key to a sleek blowout is zapping any dampness. Make sure that your hair is 100% dry because any leftover moisture can turn into frizz!
At Night Night
While rinsing your face or applying night cream, make sure to pull back your hair to avoid frizzing along the hairline. Kitsch hair ties are perfect for a loose ballerina bun or pony tail to help keep everything in place. The soft elastic material doesn't cause awkward dents or creases in your hair! (This works great for at the gym too!)  If you are worried about sweat along the hairline, try wrapping a silk headband to gently smooth edges while you snooze.
The Morning After
It seems obvious, but always wear a thick shower cap when washing up. Opt for caps with a sturdy elastic rim, rather than cheap plastic ones which tend to move around on your head, leaving edges exposed to moisture. Perk up roots with a dry shampoo or body-boosting powder. Use your fingers to work the product into your scalp. This will refresh strands and soak up any oil that may have built up overnight.
Going The Distance
To avoid frying your hair—which rids your mane of movement and make ends look ragged—only tame flyaways with a flat iron as a last resort. The better option? Blast the front and top sections with a blow dryer, which will smooth strands without losing body. If you have bangs, use a round brush with your blow-dryer to re-straighten your fringe each morning. Around day five, add some large curls to the end of your strands. You’d be surprised how a small bump on the tips can instantly refresh your hairstyle!

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