Christmas To-Do List

Make That List, Check It Twice!

December 1st: Get your tree up! Keep in mind that this is the FIRST weekend in the month, and you've only got so much time to celebrate the Holiday in all it's glory. Take time out of your Saturday to put up a wonderful tree! I recommend going to a tree farm, where they can actually cut down the tree for you, that way you can have a fresh beauty that will keep your house very pine scented!

December 3rd: Narrow down your gift list. Who is a "must"? Who needs something extra special? Who would be happy with a DIY gift? Make sure your list is well categorized and complete. 

December 5th: Plan your outfits! What festivities are you going to this year. Do you have a company Christmas party? A Tacky Sweater Party? Family Christmas dinner? Are you hosting!? Spend the next couple of days carefully deciding on what to wear. A pre-planned outfit means a less stressed you! 

December 8th: If you haven't already, get your list together for Christmas cards. Hopefully you've been planning something creative and meaningful- if not, it's okay. We will give you some ideas in the next couple of days on GREAT things you can do. Figure out the quantity and make sure that you have all names and addresses ready to go! Purchase enough supplies (stamps, envelopes, cards..etc) to take care of everyone! --Also make sure you say a nice Mazel tov to any Jewish friends you have, because it is the first day of Hanukkah. 

December 10th: Send all the lovely Christmas Cards out! 

December 12th: Make sure that ANYTHING you order online has been taken care of. You don't want to have to worry about customs/lost items/excess delivery charges... the less stress, the better!

December 15th: Start wrapping! Assuming you've purchased an abundance of gifts, it's now time to make sure that you start wrapping everything! Want a great way to cheat the system, when it comes to close family buy everyone different colored paper, but don't put a tag on this. It's a great way to avoid the whole "shake and see what's inside" routine because no one will know who the recipient is except for you!

December 20th: Sort through your gift list to find ANY last minute purchases. If you wait until Christmas Eve you probably will end up getting someone something horrible. Make your grocery list as well so that you can figure out what you are prepping for the holiday. Are you taking baked goods? Have you got to plan out the entire evening!? Be prepared!

December 24th: Send out the mass Text message/email on this day. Most people are too busy to be bothered with the generic "Merry Christmas!" on the actual holiday, so be prepared.

December 25th: Horrraaaayyy! The day has arrived. Enjoy your lovely gifts, stellar outfit and well prepared meal... without a drop of sweat on that pretty brow! 

Hopefully this guide will help you be better organized is such a chaotic time of year. Happy Holidays everyone! 

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