Black Friday Survival Tips

November 21, 2012

And Something Special For Our Fans!

Here comes one of the biggest holidays in retail, and yet it isn't even technically a public holiday. In the last ten years, it's actually become the BIGGEST day of shopping in the entire year. While some retailers are opening at midnight, and others are even opening on Thanksgiving day, here are a couple tips to help you get through the shop!
  • Plan Ahead! Most retailers will have released what their specials are by now, figure out which ones you want to visit most.
    • Find out what time those stores open, so that you can try to be there in line before each of them. This would be great for the 8pm Target, 4am Best Buy scenario. Just as long as you are fueled with leftovers and coffee!
    • Find out who is also offering those deals on "Cyber Monday", the Monday following Thanksgiving is a huge deal for online shoppers to be able to indulge without the price tag. You might find better deals, or at least more convenient ones.
  • Divide and Conquer! If you've got to separate from family in order to snag the deals, make sure that you do so. Certain things, like that awesome tv, or the 50% off of your entire purchase will only be available to the first few people throughout the door. I always love to go for a shop on the Wednesday night before to scope out the clothes, because I am not going to be caught in a dressing room the day of!
  • Be NICE to the employees! Some of these poor people won't have slept at all from their Thanksgiving celebrations. They are probably sleep deprived, sick of picking up after aggressive customers and might even have insight or extra discounts for you. 
Wait, I'm not done yet! Starting Friday we've got this great special for you too!!

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