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Bold Beauty Trends

Bold Brows I cannot be more in love with this! It's absolutely stunning, very natural and almost effortless! The great thing about wanting bold brows is that you can honestly just make sure that you are plucking appropriately. For example, all you want to do is clean up your brow area and not necessarily shape it. 

Do you feel like maybe your brows are too sparse or you just need a little bit of definition? Find a slanted makeup brush and grab a color of eyeshadow just a tad lighter than your natural shade. You can define and fill in your brows with a couple easy steps and you don't have to worry about looking like you fought with a sharpie! Keep it as natural as possible, but still be defined!

Fierce Lashes Having volume has always been something on the minds of women across the world. However, stand-out lashes are really taking the lead this season. Move over eyeshadow- it's time for some serious lash power! Whether you are more into the separated "doll" look on the right or into a more vintage cat eye lash both are incredibly hot this season! 

If you want your lashes to have a bit more separation you have two options layer different types of mascara; one just for volume, let it dry and then one specifically for definition or you can pick up cluster eyelash falsies. The falsies are my preference because you can definitely be a bit more effective without running the risk of getting a different look. The wispy vintage inspired cat eye look can be done by purchasing regular lashes and then trimming them along the edge so that the ends have the most oomph! The great thing about this is it will help you completely avoid the awkward eyelash touching eyelid scenario that falsies can sometimes cause. 

Black Cherry Lips Move over red, there is a new vixen in town! I absolutely ADORE black cherry lipstick. Almost every beauty brand is busting out with their own version from Dior to even cheapies like Revlon, with such a selection there is no reason to not own this trend. It definitely can make even the sweetest girl edgy and add a little bit of a sultry sass to your everyday attire. Just make sure that you've got your white strips ready to prime your teeth to pearly white before you rock this trend, the contrast is a beautiful thing! Also, whenever you go with red lipstick, remember it tends to bleed- always grab a great liner to go with it. You can also set it with translucent powder and reapply so that your pout stays coated all night!

How brilliantly do these three trends go together?!


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