When Calories Matter

October 27, 2012

More is sometimes less, kind of..

As women, we've all been trained to watch the calorie content of foods. However, there are some foods that should be swapped and sometimes that does mean more calories! This is an important lesson that life isn't about calories, it's about healthy choices- and clean eating!

Skip the crackers and go for the nuts! Nuts are packed with lovely Omega-3's which are heart healthy, and protein keep you fuller longer where the crackers are just processed carbs! Although having proper carbohydrates is important for a healthy diet- skip the crackers and grab a sweet potato.

Skip the froyo and go for coconut milk ice cream! The coconut milk ice cream might be a bit higher on the fat side (the good fats!) and a bit more calorically dense but all that fat free frozen yogurt is just genetically engineered sugary waste. Often times you'll feel unsatisfied, or feel obligated to load the yogurt up with toppings and unfortunately sour gummy worms definitely don't land on anyone's list of health foods. Pick up a vegan-friendly pint of coconut milk ice cream and feel satisfied.

Skip the sour cream and go for the guacamole! Avocados might be one of the most heavenly vegetables on the planet (although there is the debate that they are a fruit) however, next time you decide to go for mexican, make sure that you skip the sour cream and cheese and opt for guacamole! The calorie content might be a bit higher, but between the fiber, Omega-3's and health benefits (that include beautiful skin and healthy hair!) this one should ultimately be a no-brainer. Ole!

What types of changes have you made for your health??

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