The END!

October 04, 2012

Just a bit of a shaky ending

From vintage prints, to vintage cuts any any other area of vintage inspiration.. WE LOVE IT ALL! What better than channeling your inner Bridget Bardot or Audrey Hepburn. Vintage style automatically turns up the chic on any outfit! Although, I must admit the fact that early nineties is now vintage is kind of frightening!
Beautiful, sexy, winged eyeliner! It's effortless sex appeal and can be worn for any occasion  Although you won't see me doing it as drastic as Amy Winehouse once went, Lauren Conrad definitely knows how to pull of a great winged look! Did you check out our winged eyeliner tutorial from the other day?
We might not be head over heels for One-Direction, but I definitely have to admit that X Factor is a guilty pleasure of mine. Although it's not a "must watch" having a few episodes on the TiVo never hurts. Also, it's nearly impossible to think of something else with the letter "X".

One of the best parts of Kitsch, YOU! The fans, followers and avid wearers are the people that help Kitsch grow and create amazing accessories every day! You inspire us, challenge us and give us a reason to keep producing amazing, high quality goods. Feel free to always stop by our facebook page and show us how you wear your Kitsch or on instagram #kitschhairties. You might even end up on our blog or other social networking page!
60 minutes of intense cardio paired with ridiculous dance moves that no one looks cool doing? SOLD! (Just don't ever expect me to wear a shaky noisy skirt to class, I might not take anything seriously enough for that!) Don't worry, there is always the Latin grandma in every class that will show you up, it is the life of Zumba-er.

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