Scariest Movies of All Time

October 23, 2012

Best Halloween Movies

Are you planning a pre-halloween bash with some of your closest pals? Make sure that you pick the right flicks if you are thinking of a movie night! With so many options it's important to make sure you find the truly frightening films! Here are a few of my top picks... what are yours?!

The Poltergeist Were you ever terrified that you had moved into an area that used to be a Native American burial ground before? I'm sure you did if you grew up watching this movie! This would be one that would make it difficult for me to sleep. The "curse" of the movie is even creepier!  Note to self: Definitely don't watch this alone this halloween. How about around breakfast time before my day? Maybe I can handle that...

The Ring The Japanese tend to do a lot of things wonderfully. Especially scary movies! This American remake of the Japanese horror-classic was absolutely frightening. I can take people in scary masks, but a girl who walks out of your TV but lives in a well? I'm still not sure that I understand this movie entirely, but I do know that it terrified me when I watched it (half watched it, I should say because my eyes were mostly closed!).

The Exorcist This original is one that I probably don't ever want to watch again, but will probably get a masochistic kick out of when I decide to. Although I don't like to look at the religious side of it, because it's JUST a movie. I will admit that anything involving ghosts or spirits is much more frightening than a serial killer, after all we've learned from Dexter that they have hearts too! 

I haven't even watched these movies yet and I am creeped out! What films are on your list of scariest movies?? Are you going to watch them before Halloween?!

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