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October 07, 2012

Little tips for stress relief that make an impact

Stop and Smell the Roses (or just get fresh air!)

Now that the weather's started to take a turn and we can welcome a cooler climate, it's time to enjoy the autumn breeze before winter! Getting outside to soak up a little vitamin D and fresh air can be so beneficial! Going for an outdoor treck will help you sleep better, burn calories and think more clearly. It's amazing what a little bit of out door exercise can do! The best part is, hiking is definitely a social event. It's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends, especially because of the fact that there are trails for all fitness levels. Take your best friend, water and a snack to prepare for an afternoon outdoors! Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and plan ahead with a great trail in mind. 

Fall in Love with Lavender
This pretty purple flower has so many different health benefits. One of which, is relaxation. The scent of Lavender has been clinically proven to not only lower heart rate and blood pressure, it promotes a more relaxed state. Not to mention, it's great for skin, and has many anti-bacterial benefits. Try having a cup of Lavender tea or by putting it in your bath! You can even purchase a small vile of essential oil at your local health food store. Add this to your night time regimen for a deeper sleep and wonderful scent. 

Disconnect and Bake

One huge stress reliever for me is making someone else happy, and finding something mindless to occupy my time. Turn off your cell phone, shut your laptop and spend some time doing something for someone else. Maybe you want to bake cupcakes for your coworkers? Practice the pie before thanksgiving? Living a hectic life, it's always great to take the opportunity to do something simple. In the digital age where a text message can tell you everything, facebook is where you find your pen pals and instagram is the new way to send photo announcements, it's always nice to find some good old fashioned kindness. 

How do you relax on your Sunday afternoon?

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