Reasons To Vote

October 21, 2012
Election day is around the corner!

  1. You talk about it on Facebook Our generation has become the poster child for extreme social media. Anything that happens politically is blast across the social networks. It's great that people are staying informed on social topics, but if you are going to vent or voice your opinion- make sure you are doing it where it REALLY counts, on a ballot. 
  2. Because it's your future Ultimately a candidate can't do everything they want to in a four year period of time. However, things that they will put into action will ultimately effect you, if not immediately, sometime in the future. With all of the debates over social security, socialized medicare and opinions of war it's important to make sure that you exercise your right to make a difference. Grandma is still going to get her social security check, but are you? 
  3. It's a democracy, or at least it's indented to be Our founding fathers intended this beautiful country to be founded on a democracy, and in order for that to really be true- we've all got to vote! Did you know in the last election only around 60% of the eligible voting age actually went to the polls? It's a sad statistic considering the fact that 95% of the people complain.
  4. 100 years ago, us ladies weren't able to vote It hasn't even been 100 years since women were given the right to vote. The honorable ladies who fought for these rights would not be pleased to know that we've thrown them away because we're too lazy, uninterested or just simply don't make it a priority. 
  5. Why? BECAUSE YOU CAN! The most straight forward reason to vote- is simply because of the fact that you are able to. You aren't living in a country of communism, with a dictator or royal family. Every four years you are given the power to change the direction of the political climate of America. This allows us pass laws, shoot them down, change lives for the better and make sure that the one individual in charge of running our country is someone we are proud to have.
Yesterday was totally fun, but you've got to be real sometimes!

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