October 03, 2012

Five more things to Learn about Kitsch

 The amazing quality of the headbands and hair ties is something you wouldn't know unless you owned some of these babies. I haven't had a single one snap on me so far (and I have a ton of hair!) so I would have to say, they are definitely worth the price. Also, the designers take their time to make sure that each collection is complementary and can be worn together, or on it's own and still stand out. Kitsch = the ultimate hair accessory!
Recently we've debut our Charm Rings, which are stackable, collectable and completely mix-machable. These ring duos have been specifically paired to be able to be worn together, or separately depending on what look you are going to. The best part is they are adjustable! It doesn't matter if you've got skinny fingers or chubby ones, want to wear it on your thumb or knuckle. So multipurpose! AMAZE!

Note to readers; never take us TOO seriously. Having a bit of sass is important for every girl. Incase you aren't quite sure of what I mean, think of cheeky, bold or full of spirit. Do any of those terms describe you!? Congrats! You are definitely a Kitsch girl!

7 continents, 196+ countries and countless places to live in vibrant culture. Yet- we've only got one life. Travel as often as you can, and absorb the lovely cultures of the world. There is SO much more than California, the west coast, and America. This is pretty much relative to wherever you are, just get out of your comfort zone! Also, make sure that you've got your passport, luggage and Kitsch accessories ready for the journey!

Being unique is such a large part of the Kitsch brand. It may seem like a simple selection of hair ties, headbands and accessories, but that's the beauty of it all. To stack, layer and collect! Kitsch gives you the ability to mix and match your own collections based on the ones that we've already created for you. Each piece is simple enough to become a wardrobe essential, but strong enough to still make a statement! How do you wear your Kitsch!?

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