Last Minute Halloween Costumes

October 26, 2012

Kitsch's Halloween Ideas

Okay! It's Friday afternoon, and hopefully you've sorted out your Halloween costumes- if not, here are some great tips to help you throw something together. 

Golden Goddess

All you need for this is a pair of gladiator sandals, rope, a gold glitter headband and a bed sheet! Make sure you do up your eye makeup so that you pull off the true Cleopatra look (below is of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra- AMAZING!) and you've got the perfect Goddess ensemble. Don't know how to do a Toga? We've already planned it out for you! Make sure you wear the headband across your forehead to make it more of a headpiece!

    • Hold the corner of a top flat bed sheet in one hand. Grasp the sheet with your other hand, leaving about 6 inches between the corner of the sheet and your hand. Bring the sheet across the front of your body without letting go of the corner.
    • Raise your opposite arm, bending your elbow at a 90-degree angle. Drape the sheet over the front of this arm, then bring it between your body and arm, near your armpit.
    • Wrap the sheet around your back. Tuck the sheet under your other armpit with your other hand. Make sure the sheet fits snuggly. If you feel like you're going to lose your toga halfway through the night, draw it more tightly around you.
    • Tie the 2 exposed corners of the bed sheet in a knot. The knot should rest on top of one of your shoulders. You might have to adjust the sheet to move the knot into the right place.
    • Wrap a bathrobe belt around the toga is the sheet is too long. Pull the sheet up until the bottom is the correct length (about mid-calf) and tie the belt. Smooth the top of the sheet down over the belt so that it can't be seen.
    Tiny Dancer
    This classy costume is simple- leotard, swan lake hair ties and cute top bun! You can either be authentic and choose to grab some ballerina slippers, or just keep it simple and wear your favorite flats! With a costume this cute, no one will be looking at your feet anyway!

    How did you incorporate Kitsch into your Halloween!?

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