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October 02, 2012

With Love, Makeup and Nutella in between!

We've now hit the half way mark, and you may even be a bit surprised as to what has made the list, don't stop now! You've still got two more days of getting to know Kitsch!
Of course "K" would stand for Kitsch! What else could it possibly be? Even though Kangaroo's came in close second, we've got to keep our priorities in line. 

Even though movies often give us false expectations when it comes to love and romance, it is still a beautiful thing. Love is so much more than loving someone you are "with", you've got to love yourself, your family and your friends. Passion and love are such brilliant driving forces. Even the makers of Kitsch put love into everything that is produced, why else would be able to create such amazing things!?

Although this list is full of guilty pleasures, Makeup is definitely one that is nice on your waistline, just not on your debit card. Even though I prefer a more natural look, lip stick, eyeshadow and lip gloss are SO MUCH fun to buy. It's always great to try to steal some of the runway ideas and implement them into daily wear. 

As horrible as it is to admit, Nutella really isn't apart of a balanced daily food choice and shouldn't be slathered all over fruit. It is however, an absolutely delicious combination of hazelnut and chocolate that is incredibly addicting. 
Hooray for fall and oversized sweaters! Whether it's paired with leggings, jeans (or if it's long enough and you are brave enough to wear it as a dress!) oversized sweaters are a fantastic addition to any fall or winter wardrobe. Lately I've seen great pops of bright color, and asymmetrical cuts. Can we please have oversized sweater weather already!? 
Other than glitter head bands and hair ties, our next favorite option is PRINTS! We always strive to make sure that you have the most on-trend collections of prints. From cheetah to skulls and moustaches we're in love with being able to collect all of the amazing options. Which is your favorite print to wear? 

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