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October 10, 2012

Four ways to get through the work week

I'm not sure about you, but Halloween certainly one of my favorite times of year. The idea of having to go through a couple more days (no matter how much I love my job!) before being able to dress up and begin celebrations, is really tough. Here are some tips to create a more productive you:

Log out of Facebook Yes, it sounds horrific but not having that distraction is pretty amazing. Have you ever had an "unplugged" weekend? It's amazing how easily you can get distracted over the idea of writing on a friends wall, or seeing what your ex is up to. Focus on what is at hand, your boss will love you for it and 5pm will come quicker!

Make a To-Do list Oh, the terror of the list. Having an organized set of check points will help you work more efficiently for the week. When you want to think about other exciting things (like picking up faux lashes before the weekend) you will still be able to make sure that you are hitting clear details. Make sure that it outlines even the things you feel like you won't forget, because odds are you might forget them if you are in a rush. 

Hit the gym (really hard!) Although minimal results can be obtained in three days, it really doesn't hurt to have that extra boost of confidence when you need it most. After all, most of the fun costumes are either short, midriff bearing or skin tight. You might as well feel your best if you are planning on looking your best! Don't forget to drink a lot of water and stretch afterward so that you don't get too sore!

Reward yourself! Whether it's happy hour, or a new pair of hair ties make sure that you reward yourself for productivity and getting through the week! If all else fails, I'm sure that you can find something fun to do Thursday night. Halloween festivities are a great excuse to make the weekend start a little earlier!

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