Friends and Jewelry, what else do you need?

A continuation of the Kitsch A, B, C's

Friends and family are part of what shapes a person. Who we have become is a result of what we've taken from those who influence us most. I am lucky to have had some amazing family, and some of the best friends that anyone could ask for. Whether it was Kitsch A, B, C's or my own personal set, friends and family are always on the list. After you finish reading this, don't forget to tell them all how incredible they really are. I promise you they probably don't hear it enough! 

Nail polish, lip gloss, clothing accents, (of course!) hair ties and headbands, GLITTER is the epitome of girly. Glitter and sparkles bring happiness and joy to girls in a way that a man can never understand. We've all got that secret glittery object tucked away that makes us "oooh", "ahhh", and a little bit giddy. The best part of the Kitsch loving glitters is that with the selection we've got, there is no way to disappoint! PLUS, the glitter doesn't flake, so your boyfriend won't complain about glitter all over him and your precious hair ties won't suddenly stop sparkling! Ta-da!
This one is probably the most obvious of the bunch, what else would we stand for?! Not only do Kitsch hair ties look adorable on your hair, they still keep your wrist cute. It totally beats having the ugly hair tie sitting on your wrist. Also, with the array of colors, glitters and prints you've got to find one that you are obsessed with. That is, if you can stop at just one!

I'm either a mint chocolate chip or green tea iced cream kind of girl, depending on what type of mood I am in. There is no denying an undying love for ice cream. Since I actually have an issue with dairy, I don't eat Ice "cream" but you can hand me a soy/milk/coconut substitute any day and I will be a happy camper. What is your favorite flavor?

 Jewelry- Rings, earrings, necklaces, head pieces, and everything in between. Each piece is treasured just the same, so many amazing options available, especially from us! Although we may be totally biased, jewelry can make a rainy day feel sunny, is the perfect gift for every occasion AND can really take any outfit from cute to AMAZING! What was your most recent jewelry purchase? Have you picked up anything from the exciting charm collection?

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