50 Shades of Style

A guide to an Edgier Kitsch Style 

It's time to mix up your wardrobe a little with this style guide from Kitsch! Our collection of hair ties, The Roxy, has inspired us to get wild and tough. 

  • These amazing Mid-rise jeans from Modcloth take a simple idea and give it edge. They are studded throughout (no, those aren't polka dots!) with silver, but still are completely comfortable to wear!
  • An edgy look would not be complete without a pair of Lita's from Jeffery Campbell. These platform booties are still huge for fall, and can definitely accentuate the attitude of your ensemble. The best part is, you still get the height without the killer foot pain thanks to the hidden platform in the front. Get ready to rock all six inches of these! 
  • Add a pop of color to the look with Chatterbox lipstick from MAC . I was given this from a great friend of mine, and I couldn't be more obsessed with this shade of pink! It's bright and vibrant, but doesn't scare away the boys and is heavily "boyfriend approved". 
  • The top with lace accents gives a feminine appeal to the hardcore look, just the right amount of skin for the fall weather. Pair with your favorite bandeau (a "wet look"/faux leather one would be amazing!) or be bold and go without. 
  • Finally, simple rings and earring from our charm collection  complete the look.
As far as your hair goes, I think it would look amazing with a high pony tail or top bun to keep all the attention on your outfit! What does your edgy attire look like? 

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