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Good morning! Love, Kitsch

Fall continues to roll in as our daylight increasingly shortens and we all begin to feel the effects. It becomes easy for stresses and obligations begin to carry over from one day to the next. Early mornings start to take their toll and can leave you on edge and anxious before your day even begins. After doing some reading on ways to promote a healthy and more peaceful morning routine, I picked a few of my favorite tips to share with our Kitsch readers that helped me to clear my mind and get my extra energy back from a more positive and peaceful-soul based routine.

Although no one voluntarily choses to set their alarm clock any earlier, just a short 15 minutes can have a significant impact. After reading further into the numerous health benefits that come with utilizing your morning routine to replenish yourself and strengthen your spirit, I reevaluated making an earlier adjustment to my alarm clock and giving them a try for a week. 

  • Rise through your gratitude...

Rather than sitting at the breakfast table sipping your morning coffee and skimming informative emails, grazing dramatic headlines in the paper and answering to what rolled in on your phone overnight, push it all away for five minutes to focus on your appreciation for life. Avoid putting your attention on future obligations, reflect on what has gone your way the previous day how that has brought fulfillment. Remember those involved contributing to your success and your appreciation for that. While enjoying a warm cup of coffee or tea, work on centering your mind on those you love, the accomplishments you are proud of yourself for rather than looking forward on what you have yet to accomplish. Working on your mind as one of your first things before beginning your day that really increases your ability to have control over your own thoughts and moods.

  • Spare some seconds for a stretch...

Although we all know the importance of stretching for our bodies, prioritizing the time to do it can often become the challenge. However, if you practice using those spare seconds you find throughout your morning to do a quick touch of your toes or reach for the sky, you'll really noticed its ability to help wake you up and get your oxygen flowing and circulation going. I found while I was waiting for my shower to heat up, toast to pop from the toaster or even while making my bed, giving my limbs an extra stretch all helps to make a difference.

  • Wake up with water...

From running our toothbrushes under the faucet to long hot showers, what many people forget to notice including myself, is the simple therapy of actually drinking a tall glass of water early in the morning. Drinking one 8 ounce glass of water before anything else and another after eating breakfast before heading out the door, is recommended to help promote weight loss, remove toxins, boost energy, avoid caffeine crashes, and digest breakfast. I know for me personally, this was one of the morning routine boosters that was not usually first thing on my mind after waking up, but one that I noticed the most effects from. I found it helpful for the first few days of getting into this routine to have bottled water stored at room temperature to reach for. Usually my morning coffee satisfies my need to quench my early morning thirst but it is us caffeine drinkers are who it is especially important for because of caffeine’s dehydrating properties. Increased water also promotes digestion after breakfast which is always your most important meal of the day. 

What do you find helpful to get in the routine of in the morning that gets your day off to a positive and peaceful start?

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