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September 09, 2012

Go For Baroque

How well did you pay attention in Art History? It's okay, you can be honest if you didn't, but I'm fairly certain you'll get something out of this fashion lesson. Baroque influences stem from a period (way back in the 1600's) when art was used to exaggerate the grandeur, drama and opulence of life.  From high end designers like Dolce & Gabbana to one of our favorite shopping spots Nasty Gal, baroque inspired trends are everywhere! 

Currently, designers are mostly choosing to allude to baroque influences through the use of prints. Whether you choose to use it in a funkier way and mix the print with cut off jeans, or want to be a bit more simple by adding in great accessories to a printed dress, it's an exciting trend to add to the mix. From runway to the hallway, you've got an extra history tip on hand. So the next time someone tries to mock your love of fashion, educate them on the importance of history through current trends. Fashion IS art after all! 

Get ready to feel royal! How are you going to mix baroque into your wardrobe? 

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