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Five 90's Trends We Love

Don't try to deny the fact that you still love the Spice Girls, and that NSync or BSB was the biggest moral debate at one point in your life. Although the afternoons filled with Fresh Prince of Bel Air are just distant memories and Mccullough Culkin is no longer cute we can still bring back a decade that shaped our style profiles forever. 

The 90's Styles We Love
  1. The Denim Jacket: Rachel Bilson has become one of my favorite celebrities to watch when it comes to personal style. Want to add one to your wardrobe? This has just been added to my wish list!
  2. Crop Tops: I remember listening to dress code at school and hearing, "no crop tops allowed!". At that time I had no idea what midriff bearing awesomeness all my teachers were shunning, but throw a Crop Top with a pair of high waisted anything, and you've got instant sex appeal without showing too much.
  3. Headbands!!! Somewhere between Flash Dance and Blair Waldorf headbands have seen some amazing changes in the fashion world. Although I may be a bit biased, I love that headbands are being worked into other looks (like the top bun above!). Stack, layer, and collect!
  4. Floral Print EVERYTHING: I'm loving the floral print pants. Although they may be a little bit tighter than when Blossom wore them, it's great to have a new spin on such a cute look.
  5. Flannel Shirts: Kurt Cobain would be proud. Whether it's a rad vintage shirt you find from thrift store excursions or a simple one for a bargain, make sure that you stock up for fall. 

What 90's trend is your favorite?

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