How to: Accent your Nails

September 08, 2012

A DIY guide to accent nails

I'm obsessed with accent nails for a number of reasons. First of all, I don't like "too much" of anything, and the idea of one print on all ten fingers is a little daunting. Secondly, it just looks so chic and professional. I've finally learned the cheat way out of having to pay for a mani with an accent nail or just having a bland one that's another color-- NAIL STICKERS!

Call them what you'd like, nail stickers, wraps, art, etc. Every brand has got them and they are all over the place! After this experience I'm fully impressed, it was simple and may nails look great! I used a cherry blossom print form China Glaze, but I'm sure almost any brand will do in this case. The best part is I still have 8 remaining pieces for future manis!

What cool accent nails are you going to attempt??

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