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Somewhere in the history of fashion, it was decided that white was not meant to be worn in fall or winter (except for the coveted winter-white!) and the rule of "Thou shalt not wear white after Labor Day" was born. 

In the 1950's this became a social standard, at least on the east coast it showed a social status because you could afford to purchase a new wardrobe with the change of fashion. Obviously this was well before the days of Forever 21 and other fast fashion retailers. If Coco Chanel herself could wear white all year and not get heckled by the fashion police, then full steam ahead! 

Even though I'm almost certain no one in California actually follows this rule, check out some killer ways to work white into an end of summer, almost fall wardrobe. 

I've got to say, I'm almost certain I'm obsessed with every item here! What are you planning on wearing to your Labor Day Festivities? 


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