Here is an amazing way to feature flowers! Whether it's for a wedding that has a more casual theme or a gift for someone special, I absolutely LOVE using my headbands and hair ties for bouquet wraps! For this specific one I used one silver headband and one "I am Love" hair tie, because they matched perfectly with these gorgeous flowers. Just pick up a simple and beautiful bouquet, coordinate headbands or hair ties and be prepared for an amazing outcome!
Prep the flowers
When I prepped the flowers I cut them a bit shorter so that they resembled a bouquet more similar to a bridesmaid or bride. They are much easier to handle without the longer stems! I also cut away any additional foliage that was peeking out so that it looked a bit more sleek.

wrap the flowers
 I wrapped the flowers using two of my favorite Kitsch pieces, don't worry about being overly perfect, you can always adjust the headband once it's on. Place the hair tie on once you've sorted out the headband and made sure that as much of the sparkle is showing as possible!
This makes a great gift for someone, or a lovely addition to a less formal wedding. You could easily save hundreds by making these beautiful bouquets yourself and after the flowers have wilted, you've given someone the gift of amazing accessories! BRILLIANT! 

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